eBun Lead-free 37 ounces Glass Mouthwash Dispenser

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  • Mouthwash dispenser; glass bottle with BPA-free food-grade pump. Comes with a collapsible silicone funnel that helps refill your bottle without making spills.
  • Easy pumping action that only takes 2 to 3 pumps to get the right amount for each rinse
  • Each pump will dispense about 1/4 fluid ounce of mouthwash liquid or about 1.5 teaspoons; so you would only need 1 gentle pump for a child’s mouthwash needs; 2 gentle pumps for an adult who prefer a smaller amount; 3 gentle pumps for an adult who likes a mouth full
  • Holds up to 37 oz. of mouthwash liquid, hand wash only, wash before first use
  • Bottle measures 3.3″x 3.3″ x 11″(Height with fully extended pump)

Customer Reviews

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Wylendia R Eastman

this is made of heavy duty glass and also it allows. The important things that impress me the most about this item is the pump. It is a well made pump, squirts out just sufficient liquid, and also it is eye-catching. The bottle has measurements on so you know just how much you have in there and also it comes with a channel, which you really don’t require, to fill the bottle. The mouth is broad sufficient to load it up with Listerine without spilling any mouthwash. I like it!


It was super easy to assemble. It comes with a collapsable funnel to help loaded with mouthwash. I like that it’s glass as well as pretty heavy so it will not get overturned quickly. I haven’t seen any kind of leak problems, however I do keep a small mug below just in case.


Perfect for limiting mouthwash amount per use. My kids appeared to be consuming the stuff a lot more than it should be. 2 pumps is an ideal amount for them and allow the mouthwash to last longer in the house. I also loved it didn’t have a cup area, we have recyclable cups for the mouthwash, which limits waste.

Ann Somers

This item is attractive and sturdy. It holds a whole bottle of mouthwash and dispensers just the right amount.


Much better than my previous one: high quality, sturdy pump, great little collapsible funnel that makes filling the bottle easy. Looks so much better on my vanity than a plastic mouthwash bottle; especially since I buy the big bottles at Costco.