Brand Hero

We are looking for home enthusiast Tiktokers! We’ll keep you update with awesome perks, free product offers, exciting new product releases, and affiliate commissions, so you can focus on building your Tiktok account to a next level.

To Fellow Creators

Simply put, awesome people like you help us spread brand engagement by implement our products through the creations of content for your audience on Tiktok. As a brand hero, you will have the opportunity to express your creativity while sharing all of our products, earning commissions on each sale you make. And opportunities of making a collaboration post with other fellow creators we run or associated with to help each other grow even faster.

What is Unique About eBun

We understand the “joy and tears” of being a fellow creator ourselves. More so as being a brand owner and manufacture, we understand how things are made from a drawing board to a real product that people love.

How it works

01. Grab a coffee and let's talk.

Navigate to the bottom of the page, fill out the form so we can know more about you and your tiktok story.

02. Making The Plan

Do your magic. We will set the product ready for you and contribute to the ideas and insight, so you can focus on the creation part of the game.

03. Delivery and Results

It's time to share your work with the rest of the world on Tiktok. We'll keep the sale data tracked, keep you updated on the result and future product opportunities.

To Become a Brand Hero Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What fellow creators ask about us.

Is it one-time paid job?

No. The brand hero program it's not a "paid for each post" job. With that said, you get on-going commissions from all purchase made from the audience through your channel.

How do I get the free product samples?

Most of our products are shipped within the United States. Which will be delivered between 3-5 business days. All costs will be covered by us.

Do you work with creators outside of United States?

We do, if the 1st or 2nd demographic of your audience is from the US. Feel free to reach out by send email to so we can work things out for you.

Can I join if my main audience are outside of United States?

So far we can only get our warehouses and logistic services covered within the United Statues, as we want to protect a great customer experience anyway possible. It won't work without having a piece of mind that your package will be arrived fast and secure. We're working super hard on expending our products and services also to the UK and Europe countries.

Who can become a brand hero?

To be a Brand hero, you must be active on Tiktok and over the age of 18. We’re currently accepting applications from the US residents or outside of US if large portion of your audience is based in the US.

How do I get Paid For my Sales?

To make brand hero commission payment as easy as possible for you. We pay each brand hero via PayPal. It's easy to use and free to sign up for.