Practice Social Distancing Floor Sign – 11-inch Diameter


11inch Please Stand 6ft Apart / Por Favor, Manten 2m De Distancia Bilingual English & Spanish Safety Marker

  • Social distancing floor stickers bilingual in English and Spanish 11″ inch radius vinyl floor markers; text reads: Please Stand 6ft Apart / Por Favor, Manten 2m De Distancia
  • Place these round red colors social distancing signs 6ft apart near high foot-traffic areas of your retail stores, offices, warehouses, hospitals, checkout lines, entrance
  • The red coloration will ensure that your staff members, vendors, clients, and customers notice the social distance floor stickers and adhere to your social distancing policies
  • Durable anti-slip social distancing floor decals for carpet and most smooth, clean, dry surfaces both indoors and outdoors that won’t lift or fade; they can also be used temporarily on most low-pile carpeting for several months
  • Includes one smoother to help you easily install your 6 feet apart sticker; ensure the surface is cleaned and dried before applying stickers to get the best result

No. of Items Available: 1-pack and 12-pack
Each pack includes One Smoother

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This 11-inch Red-colored 6ft distance floor decal applied to your high foot-traffic areas will help to show that your company’s commitment to its social responsibility. Weatherproof and carpet friendly, these floor warning decals will not lift or fade. Includes one smoothing tool to make application easy.

Benefits at a Glance:
Bilingual social distancing stickers with both English and Spanish to remind people to Please Stand 6ft Apart / Por Favor, Manten 2m De Distancia
These social distancing signage are easy to stick to the floor of your choice that will go down flat without bubbles or wrinkles
Slip-resistant laminate provides a non-slip surface that is safe to walk on even in the rainy days or wet floor
A discreet yet purposeful appearance that gives your customers a subtle reminder to keep themselves at a safe distance of six feet
Looks professional and clean for all business types include hotel lobby, restaurants, retail stores
The waterproof surface that can withstand daily cleaning and mopping and will continue to stay in place
Strong adhesives that will hold up to high traffic
Help your personnel feel safer now that everyone who notices the decals will now try to distance themselves from each other

Text written on the floor sign:

No. of Items

1-pack, 12-pack