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eBun Lead-free 37 Ounce Glass Mouthwash Dispenser

(16 customer reviews)
  • Mouthwash dispenser; glass bottle with BPA-free food-grade pump. Comes with a collapsible silicone funnel that helps refill your bottle without making spills.
  • Easy pumping action that only takes 2 to 3 pumps to get the right amount for each rinse
  • Each pump will dispense about 1/4 fluid ounce of mouthwash liquid or about 1.5 teaspoons; so you would only need 1 gentle pump for a child’s mouthwash needs; 2 gentle pumps for an adult who prefer a smaller amount; 3 gentle pumps for an adult who likes a mouth full
  • Holds up to 37 oz. of mouthwash liquid, hand wash only, wash before first use
  • Bottle measures 3.3″x 3.3″ x 11″(Height with fully extended pump)



  • eBun Glass Mouthwash Dispenser is a perfect solution to store your favorite brand of mouthwash in a large lead free glass decanter for your entire family’s daily oral care. Our pump is carefully designed and made with BPA-free materials that can easily handle alcohol-based solutions or even thick liquid as lotion and hand soap.
  • Each pump dispenses about 1/4 fluid ounce of liquid or about 1.5 teaspoons, so you will only need 2 or 3 pumps to have the right amount
  • With your safety in mind, eBun glass dispenser is independently lab tested and is 100% FREE from lead and cadmium
  • Bottle measures 3.3″ x 3.3″ x 11″ (Height with fully extended pump); Bottle comes with measuring marks up to 1000ml; Hand wash only; Wash before first use (Please measure your washbasin area before purchase )
  • Time-Saving – at 37-ounce, eBun dispenser holds quite a large amount of mouthwash, so there is no need to refill that often; also no more opening and closing the mouthwash bottle cap several times a day


Additional information

Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 4.9 × 3.9 × 9.1 in

16 reviews for eBun Lead-free 37 Ounce Glass Mouthwash Dispenser

  1. alm

    The Glass mouthwash dispenser is really nice top quality. The glass thick and holds 37 ounces of mouthwash. The pump works really well. This makes getting the correct amount right into our cups to be hygienic as well as convenient. I recommend this item

  2. JB

    Repurposed for fluid laundry detergent yet it works just as I pictured it would and also is the best size for our space. It arrived a day earlier than anticipated which was fantastic! Very pleased with the purchase.

  3. Michael Ramirez

    I am using this to hold dish soap. It sits on the counter near the sink. It is sturdy and has classy lines.I like.

  4. bookobsessed77

    This is simply what I was looking for! Has a little cap affixed to the end if you want to maintain it shut, yet we can not be troubled to keep that and it hasn’t leaked! I keep a glass cup below the spout so it’s convenient to use. A lot easier and less messy to use than the pour bottles mouthwash comes in.

  5. judi r.

    This glass mouth wash container is incredible! The pump is a lot more resilient than those cheap models. Holds a huge quantity of mouthwash, which means less time re-filling. I enjoy this product. It is a bit more costly but well worth the money. The pump alone is more user-friendly. The funnel is extremely handy and excellent to minimize spilling.

  6. DM

    Initially, I like the bottle, however the pump damaged. I hope I can discover a substitute for the pump. Update per my last testimonial: I contacted the seller after a couple of months of having my item. I let them understand about my pump as well as they really sent me out a new one without delay. I recommend this product significantly! They stand behind their product!

  7. Pancho

    Simply had to purchase this Mouth wash Dispenser Glass Decanter for my mom’s and dad’s because I got tired of seeing their uncomfortably, crusted mouthwash bottle every time I checked out. With this brand-new decanter, guests can currently dispense simply the correct amount of mouthwash without making a mess. Also, the glass container adds a great touch to the bathroom aesthetic.

  8. Roy Marques

    We have had too many plastic ones get corroded and fail–This glass dispenser is excellent.

  9. Bobbi

    I got this for my grandmother in the nursing home. She cannot see and was pouring her mouthwash on the counter and floor rather than in her cup. This dispenser is easy to manage and the spout turns directly downward so the flow is precise. I had a hard time finding one like this – the others pointed outward which would not work for her. She also can leave it in one place and not have to handle it. Just 3 pumps and she’s set. The bottle is a heavy glass and it’s actually very nice. The pump is sturdy and the funnel that comes with it is perfect to help refill the bottle. Very nice product and holds a perfect quantity.

  10. Ziggy0201

    Exceptional dispenser. Pump works excellent. Additionally pleased that the seller sent me an email with directions on exactly how to clean up the pump regularly as well as troubleshooting concerns if any shown up. That’s perfect customer relations.

  11. Houston Trumpets

    I purchased two of these for our master bathroom (we both use different mouth wash). They look really great on the new kitchen counters; no unsightly tags of conventional mouthwash. They squirt conveniently and have actually not trickled. The strings associated the glass containers. Pump gradually or they will certainly spray, yet that is simple. Say goodbye to screwing on and off mouth wash tops several times a day; what a wonderful ease! We in fact make use of much less mouthwash currently due to the fact that we an pump simply what we need. Before I always poured way too much and wound up unloading it out. A cash saver, even more visually pleasing to the eye, and also hassle-free. A win all the way around.

  12. DAB

    Much better than my previous one: high quality, sturdy pump, great little collapsible funnel that makes filling the bottle easy. Looks so much better on my vanity than a plastic mouthwash bottle; especially since I buy the big bottles at Costco.

  13. Ann Somers

    This item is attractive and sturdy. It holds a whole bottle of mouthwash and dispensers just the right amount.

  14. whydoumockme

    Perfect for limiting mouthwash amount per use. My kids appeared to be consuming the stuff a lot more than it should be. 2 pumps is an ideal amount for them and allow the mouthwash to last longer in the house. I also loved it didn’t have a cup area, we have recyclable cups for the mouthwash, which limits waste.

  15. Vanessa

    It was super easy to assemble. It comes with a collapsable funnel to help loaded with mouthwash. I like that it’s glass as well as pretty heavy so it will not get overturned quickly. I haven’t seen any kind of leak problems, however I do keep a small mug below just in case.

  16. Wylendia R Eastman

    this is made of heavy duty glass and also it allows. The important things that impress me the most about this item is the pump. It is a well made pump, squirts out just sufficient liquid, and also it is eye-catching. The bottle has measurements on so you know just how much you have in there and also it comes with a channel, which you really don’t require, to fill the bottle. The mouth is broad sufficient to load it up with Listerine without spilling any mouthwash. I like it!

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