eBun Mouthwash Dispenser Pump Replacement

eBun Mouthwash Dispenser Pump Replacement – Also Fit Most 38mm 38-400 Gallon Jug and Bottle – 1/4 oz Dispensed per Pump

  • HAVE A PEACE OF MIND knowing that you can easily purchase additional replacement mouth rinse pump for eBun 37-Ounce Glass Mouthwash Dispenser (ASIN B07HH1DX2C)
  • This bottle pump also fits most gallon jug as long as their cap size is 38mm 38-400 which is about 1.5 inch opening; NO MORE MESS trying to pour liquid out of a glass gallon jug
  • SAVE TIME and MONEY knowing that each pump dispenses about 1/4 fluid ounce of liquid or about 1.5 teaspoons so you no longer have to worry about using too much product
  • Each pump is BPA-free plastic with stainless steel spring so you can SAFELY use for syrups, flavorings on ice and making your favorite dessert
  • FITS YOUR NEED with easily trimmable tube with a pair of sharp scissors if the tube is longer than you need; easily disassembled for rinsing


eBun mouthwash pump replacement and is sold without the bottle. A pump for gallon jug that will fit most gallon jug with 38mm 38-400 (1.5 inch) cap size. A gallon bottle pump that dispenses about 1/4 fluid ounce of liquid so you don’t have to guess how much liquid you have poured or using too much product each time. BPA free and food grade plastics with stainless steel spring allow you to use for syrup, flavorings on ice, to name just a few applications.

Ideal for home, industrial or commercial use.