How do you store mouthwash?

Are you getting tired of looking at the big ugly plastic bottle of Listerine, or Colgate?

Are you the type of person who like to buy things in bulk to save money?

It is very difficult and heavy when you have to use mouthwash from a big container without a pump.

And the original bottle of the mouthwash did not have the best aesthetics on the bathroom counter.

If the above describes you, we may have a solution for you!

How do you store mouthwash?

You can find the beautiful containers, pump dispensers that are designed specifically for large volume liquid, decorative glass carafes, oil and vinegar bottles to store the mouthwash.

Just remember to clean and dry the container completely before putting the mouthwash in. This will avoid diluting the mouthwash liquid maintaining its effectiveness.

At eBun, we see a need that people want a dispenser that is good looking, heavy and robust, and specifically designed to pump out large volume so you don’t have to pump too many times to get enough amount required for rinsing.

That is why we have developed our line of Glass Mouthwash Dispenser.

You can now store your mouthwash in a beautiful looking glass container.