How do you store mouthwash?

Are you getting tired of looking at the big ugly plastic bottle of Listerine, or Colgate? Are you the type of person who like to buy things in bulk to save money? It is very difficult and heavy when you have to use mouthwash from a big container without a pump. And the original bottle […]

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What is Multifold Paper Towels?

Congratulations on choosing to use paper towels for your hand drying solution. The reason we chose paper towels may be because we don’t want to cross-contaminate the cloths towels. If multiple people use the same cloth towel to dry their hands. One person didn’t clean hands properly, every subsequent person who uses the same towel […]

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How to Clean the Bamboo Paper towel dispenser

HOW TO PROPERLY CLEAN YOUR BAMBOO PAPER TOWEL DISPENSER Wash your bamboo paper towel dispenser with soap water.  After washing your bamboo paper towel dispenser, dry completely with a towel and allow it to air dry. Oiling is necessary to maintain its shine and durability. You may also use ph neutral floor cleanser or oil […]

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